For authors: Authors are welcome to submit their scientific research work in the form of an article typeset in double spacing in 12 size font with a generous margin. They must choose and specify the journal published by the Publication House (PH) in which they wish to get their article considered for possible publication. Authors can directly submit their papers to an Editor in the field of their interest. Every article is subject to crosscheck against plagiarism using iThenticate: Plagiarism Detection Software and peer-review. 

The article must contain a title reflecting the subject material of the paper, an abstract in approximately 250 words describing in brief the content in paper, an introduction proving the motivation of the work undertook along with historical background, and relevant references arranged in alphabetical order. The article should contain 2010 AMS Mathematical Subject Classification, wherever possible and 3 to 6 keywords to felicitate quick identification of the paper for indexing purposes. Authors may provide at need the conclusion, the future plan and possible avenues that may arise. Affiliations of authors along with their complete addresses and contact IDs be provided.     

For Referees: Referees to review a paper are assigned by the handling Editor. They are requested to thoroughly examine the intellectual content in the paper and ensure the originality and correctness. They may recommend a paper in its present form for publication if they feel satisfied with the contribution made in it together with its presentation. They may consider the paper undergo a minor or else a major revision; in both the cases, they need to apprise the authors with their suggestions and advice. Needless to mention, a review report containing constructive comments related to the presentation and improvement of intellectual content in the paper can substantially enrich the manuscript. The revised manuscript is reviewed again by the same reviewer(s). Authors will have freedom to forward rebuttal on comment(s) of the referee. In case, the revised version of the paper is found to be in order, the referee may recommend the paper for publication. However, a referee should be in correspondence with only the concerned Editor of the journal or Editorial office in Allahabad and should in no case correspond with the author(s) in respect of the paper under review. Reviewers are supposed to maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript papers under review. No reviewer is expected to disclose the article or any of its part to anyone except when necessary to the Editor concerned of the journal or Editorial office in Allahabad. Reviewers should refrain from considering manuscripts wherein they have conflict of interest of any nature. If a referee finds himself/herself not well familiar with subject matter of the paper, or if finds unable to provide report in a stipulated time frame, he/she can express his/her inability to review the article. Also, if the same paper is under review for some other journal, the paper should be returned to the Editor with the recommendation to reject the same on account of double submission.

For Editors: The Editor handling an article should give cursory look and if finds the article suitable to undergo review process, assigns referees seeking their consent to evaluate the article. The Editor himself can perform the job of a referee. The handling Editor decides the suitability or otherwise of the article for publication on the basis of reports of the referees. The Editor has right to differ with the opinion of a referee and in that situation can assign another referee for the paper. The Editor may consult with other members in the editorial board of the journal concerned at need to arrive at the decision fast. 

Editors must maintain the confidentiality of the manuscripts until their publication and should avoid considering manuscripts wherein they have conflict of interest of any nature. Editors are supposed to be considerate towards the authors in arriving at the final decision. Care to keep the author(s) active for quality work should be an object. The decision of the Editor should be fair and with no bias. However, no compromise with the quality and the standard of the journal is to be made.  

Publication Policy: Papers can be submitted to an Editor in the field of work or directly to the publisher. The papers received by our office are screened and then sent to an Editor for decision. The Editors then process the papers as per guidelines for Editors. The papers recommended for publication are thoroughly edited locally and then composed in the style of journal. After the proofs correction by our office, the galleys are prepared for correction by the authors. Galley proofs are sent to the corresponding author for correction and transfer of copyright of the paper to the publisher. Once the corrections are received, the paper is finalized for press. The final draft of the paper is again sent to the corresponding author who is asked to pass on further correction(s), if any, within a stipulated time. Then the paper is treated ready for press.